Pigmentation Problems and the Paramedical Difference

10251901_10152808829828026_6978901549211088940_nA 40 year old guest came to me with concerns about her freckling and hyperpigmentation. As the mother of three active, young boys and a runner, she spends a great deal of her time outdoors year round. Her older sisters and her father have significant pigmentation problems and she was alarmed by the increasing development of dark spots she was seeing in her own skin. She realized genetics was working against her. Both her sisters saw a significant increase in pigmentation due to hormonal influences at about this age so she knew she needed to be proactive. After trying several non-professional products and solutions with less than satisfactory results she was looking for a simple, effective skin care regimen. Her priority was addressing the pigmentation issue but she also wanted assistance in anti-aging and comfort for her very dehydrated skin.

We found an appropriate cleanser and toner for her to use each morning and evening, and an exfoliant for use twice a week. Then I referred her to our Swissline Cell Shock White Face and Eyes Essence serum. This product is unique from others on the market in that it not only fades the existing dark spots from the skin, but it also helps stop the formation of new ones. Swissline is a paramedical line. What this means is that it contains pharmaceutical grade ingredients. With Swissline you can be certain that you are using an extremely effective form of skin care which has been extensively researched and tested to ensure the best results.

111-cellshockwhite2She began using Cell Shock White Face and Eyes Essence along with Guinot Pleine Vie cream twice daily in the middle of September. By the end of January she had the results you see now. She has continued to spend a great deal of her time outdoors. Obviously she is very happy with her results. Both the reduction in pigmentation and the anti-aging effect will continue to improve over time with regular use of her regimen. Once we have attained our optimal result we will move her to another Cell Shock White product in order to keep the cells stimulated and maintain the result.

Skin is constantly renewing itself so when we develop issues with pigmentation it is not enough just to fade the surface spots. The melanin that creates those spots will continue to be produced by our cells and come to the surface. The Cell Shock White line features ingredients will block the production of melanin. This approach creates a more uniform complexion overall. The Face and Eyes Essence serum also differs from other pigmentation treatments in that it is designed for use on the eye area as well. In addition to treating pigmentation issues this serum helps reverse fine lines and wrinkles. It improves the skin’s ability to produce collagen, while also lifting, firming, and moisturizing the face and eyes.

The Swissline Cell Shock White line is a comprehensive paramedical grade range of products. The line includes a cleanser, toner, serum, day/night cream, and intensive night cream.  Each of these products work to fade existing pigmentation and prevent the formation of new spots within the skin.  There is also a Swissline facial treatment which reinforces the effect of this regimen, the Intensive Brightening Treatment. These are also all highly effective anti-aging treatments. Your Paramount esthetician can assist you in selecting the appropriate product for your skin.
By Christine Swalm, Esthetician

To book your facial or skin care consultation with Christine call (306) 242-0017

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