Sanitation, Hygiene and Spa Treatments

Pedicure-feet-on-the-beachA spa treatment is meant to be a relaxing and fun experience. When you go for a regular treatment at your trusted spa it is fine to approach it simply as that. However, when travelling abroad you may want to use a measure of caution. Contaminated tools can lead to minor infections or even serious medical conditions like Hepatitis and in rare cases the transmission of the HIV virus that causes AIDS. Here are some tips to make your vacation pedicure or manicure safe.

  1. Be sure the work area has been completely cleaned of nail clippings and foot filings from previous treatments. (In addition to being a risk this basic is a huge red flag.)
  2. The water you place your hands or feet in should be fresh and clean, in a thoroughly cleaned and sanitized container. If your treatment includes a whirlpool foot bath it is advisable to ask that your service provider to not turn the bubbles on. Studies show the jets harbour bacteria.
  3. The tools used on you should have been scrubbed with hot water and soap to remove debris and then soaked in an approved chemical for about 10 minutes to kill any pathogens. (There are also UV light or Autoclave sterilizers, however be aware they take  much longer to work and so they may not be used as reliably when a spa is extremely busy.)hand-sanitizer
  4. Ideally, your treatment provider should be wearing gloves. If not, they absolutely MUST wash their hands or use sanitizer between clients.
  5. Consider not shaving the day of your pedicure to reduce risk of infection as shaving creates small openings in the skin, making it vulnerable.
  6. Be aware that the Health Protection Agency recently advised people at higher risk of infection (such as diabetics) to avoid the trendy “fish pedicure” due to risk of cross contamination.Fish Pedicure

Whether at home or abroad don’t ever be afraid to ask about your spa’s sanitation practices. If you see something that concerns you, speak up.

Please be assured that at Paramount we take your health and safety very seriously. All of our sanitation protocols meet or exceed governmental guidelines and are carefully followed by each member of our team. We do this so that you can relax and enjoy your service safely!

Christine Swalm, Esthetician
Paramount DaySpa Boutique & Salon


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