The Truth about Professional Skin Care Products

As someone who came to esthetics later in life I have experienced a steep learning curve when it comes to skincare. I have always cared about and for my skin. It was something that developed into an interest sufficient to become my profession. In the years before I went back to school I loved to research skincare ingredients and how they worked. However I had no idea when I began working at Paramount DaySpa Salon & Boutique just how much I was going to learn by using the products myself.

Years ago I had developed very severe hyperpigmentation. These dark patches had always been a source of embarrassment for me but as a skincare professional I was extremely self conscious. I also had developed loose crêpey Guinot skin under my eyes which I was struggling to treat as the skin seemed too sensitive for anything I tried on them. I had progressed over the years from drugstore to high end department store to professional product and I had never found anything that even began to work on such a severe pigmentation problem, never mind my eyes. So when I began working at Paramount I covered the pigmentation with heavy makeup and started using a Guinot eye cream along with the rest of a Guinot regimen. Remarkably, and I am embarrassed to say, I saw a change in my eyes. Not overnight, but gradually and enough so that I felt my eyes looked more appropriate to my age.

At one point I met with a product representative who was pitching a line designed to pull pigmentation from the skin. It sounded like exactly what I needed. I need to say that by this point my product education and training was complete and I had attended additional training sessions. To say that I am obsessive about the education side of skincare would be an understatement. Knowledge is crucial to me in my ability to prescribe appropriately for my clients. Her description of the regimen was excellent. The theory was sound. It probably would have worked to a certain degree eventually if it had not caused such severe SwissLineirritation. The product did not account for the level of inflammation the ingredients caused. Apparently this was not all that unusual with this product line. After a few weeks of use I could see no difference but my face was actually sore. Once I was healed I decided to try our existing system for the problem, Swissline’s Cell Shock White. Almost immediately I began to see a change in my skin and without any irritation whatsoever! Even better was that it not only was lifting the pigment deposits but it was also treating fine lines and improving the elasticity. My favourite product, the Face and Eyes Essence ( a serum ) has even improved my under eye contour quite dramatically. This system made such a difference that people comment on the change. My Dad ( who had the same issue ) started using it too.

Recently I completed Swissline’s Youth Inducing system and now I can honestly say I no longer feel that I have an issue with pigmentation. Interestingly, my eyes are no longer an issue for me either. I can honestly say I feel as though I have never looked better.

When I reflect on the time and experience since I began working at Paramount I realize it boils down to a few core truths. Not all skincare is created equally. Taking that a step further not all professional skincare is created equally. And most importantly, I am very lucky to work somewhere that allows me to provide my clients ( and myself ) with some of the highest quality skincare products available.

Christine Swalm, esthetician
Paramount DaySpa Salon & Boutique

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